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The song analyzes and points out cultural institutions that somehow do not include black artists.

The famous rap lines and the tune will have you grooving to it. With a philanthropic music video and sweet lines that are the most Drake lines ever, how can one not like him?

In his hit new album’s title track, Jay Rock asks, ‘What would you if you were given a second chance at life?

The things he’s said and done are unlikely to be forgiven, but in this song with his talk on the evils of men, he’s able to produce a blockbuster.

This number by Juice WRLD is among the top rap songs right now.

She sings of her past in a passionate and the most heart-touching way.

Whether you love Kanye or not, you have to admit no one has been able to steal the spotlight in 2018 like him.

We have seen some amazing and billboard-breaking rap songs in 2018.

Beyoncé’s and Jay-Z’s Apeshit can safely be included in the list.

This means you can enjoy the downloaded media contents almost on any device. With a new release and hit every day, it can be quite intimidating to keep track of them all.

Our list of 50 best rap songs will help you find the most happening songs of the year.

’ This is his first release after a motorcycle accident that almost killed him. After being released from prison where he was sentenced to 2 or more years for violating parole, Meek Mill released this number where he admits his mistakes along with highlighting the awfulness of mass incarceration.