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It would be interesting to ever be asked to rejoin the band but I don’t think it would ever happen.” Bassist Jeremy Davis left Paramore in 2015, becoming the sixth band member to leave since they formed.

Farro quit the band in 2010 and attacked the band for being the "manufactured product of a major label" Former Paramore member Josh Farro has confirmed that he is back on speaking terms with his former bandmates but has ruled out ever rejoining the group.

Farro and his brother left Paramore in 2010 and posted a tell-all blog about his exit, claiming the band were a “manufactured product of a major label” where the members were treated as “less important” than lead singer Hayley Williams.

“I’m dying to get out there and perform some new songs we’ve never played before.

“When I’m not singing and am in the empty venues listening at the sound check, I feel so spoiled that I sing with these guys.

Williams revealed she was battling depression in 2015.

Then her marriage broke down and there were issues with the band’s line-up.“We bump into each other and chat like old friends.It’s a good feeling to know that you’re on good terms with someone you had a bad breakup with, so all’s well now.She subsequently declared Farro’s exit as the worst day of her life.Former Paramore Member Josh Farro Opens Up About His Relationship With The Band And His New Solo Project He has now gone solo and is releasing music under the name his surname.That’s why some songs transcend a certain situation.