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Cons: Boarding was awful and the ground crew was extremely unprofessional but nice. No where when you book your flight does it say that NOR does it tell you that nothing on the flight is free except water. And because I changed my flight on the phone (cause stuck in airport) said we we were supposed to stay there. I was supposed leave St Lucia though Miami and I am disappointed Cons: So many ways Cons: Passenger sitting behind us.Its almost as if you pay for a cheaper flight thinking you are getting a good deal but then one you add carry on fee EACH WAY - you are back to a Delta price. She was loud disrespectful rude annoying and a few other things.

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When we finally were able to get an attendant over she was as rude as could be, I'm sure this sick person next to me was sorry she "inconvenienced" the crew member, if they just put bags in the seats pockets like every other airline this wouldn't have been an issue.The seats were very uncomfortable with no padding and not able to tilt.I have experienced on-time arrivals only to wait on the tarmac until ground crew arrives is unacceptable. Cons: Having to pay for a carry on bag ( total) for a flight that was less than 90 minutes, ridiculous.Only flew this airline because it was booked for me by my employer who thought it was the most affordable option...unfortunately it ended up being more expensive than flying on a better airline that doesn't charge for carry on.Pros: The boarding went quickly and was well organized Cons: That the price to take a small carryon was just as expensive as taking a large suitcase, ended up having to pay and extra r/t for a small bag and I just that's standard for them.

There were no barf bags in any seats, believe me everyone around us was looking as the person next to me was getting sick on the landing because it was crazy rough.

Especially when the person chosen to speak has a heavy accent and it’s competing with other announcements. Pros: I like fighting with Delta Airline for many reasons. Cons: This is a horrible route, they charge you more than flying to Europe and give you a one hour ride in a cramped plane where you can't even bring in a carry-on.

The cost is insane but is one of the reasons Wall Street loves Delta as they are racking in the profits for very little service. Many Passengers in the last rows put their bags up by row 20 so that made boarding and disembarking slower and harder as we had to go forward extra rows to use the back empty bins and then fight against traffic to get back to our seats.

KAYAK’s flight Price Forecast tool uses historical data to determine whether the price for a given destination and date is likely to change within 7 days, so travelers know whether to wait or book now.

Pros: The seats were surprisingly comfortable and the flight crew was nice. Pros: Nice seat and they seemed clean and updates Cons: Dont like have you have to pay for a carry on.

so here's what you do, take advantage of the low fare BTW I paid from Miami to Atl One way. it's either Frontier or 0 plus for another airline.