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An arts degree holder with a major in Theatre Studies, Jeanette enjoys, dancing (particularly modern jazz and ballet), travelling and stage performances.

Singaporean actress Jeanette Aw announced on Thursday (12 October) that she has decided to leave both Mediacorp and her talent agency, Hype Records.“This decision was deliberated upon over time.

She has also written, directed and produced her own short film, “The Last Entry”, which will be released in the second half of 2018.

Personal growth, the environment, that little voice within that simply grew louder, and the universe showing me it was time to move on,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

The 38-year-old added that going solo would give her more control over her career.“I’ve always believed that to grow, as a person and as an actor, I need to welcome challenges, in this case find new challenges.

Do you channel any of this into the characters you play? Everyone is so used to seeing me in tragic roles; this will be a good change.

It should air next year, but only after its run in China. As someone who thinks a lot, do you make for a difficult girlfriend?

It was heart-breaking to lose her day by day like this.

Before she passed away, she sent me two SMSes, but due to faulty networks, I only received them after she died.There are always so many unforgettable experiences, but it’s not always easy to recall them.My latest memory of “The Little Nyonya” scenes would be the one in the well (where I was soaked in water for 10-12hrs), the war scenes (my first time involved in such scenes), the caning scene, and the one in the duck farm where I had to go barefoot on pretty “dirty” soil.Whenever I watch a movie and see a role so amazing, I always go “wow! ” Jeanette Aw was the champion of a talent search contest titled 'Route To Glamour', organised by the now defunct television network, Media Works.She was also awarded the Best Performer and Best Newcomer on the same year in Mediaworks.After a year of forgettable roles, Aw was asked to join Mediaworks' rival TV station for her talents, Media Corp in 2002.