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Upon mediation, the Corea Entertainment Management Association (CEMA) instructed Kang to suspend his entertainment activities for eight months, but when he starred in Coffee House anyway, CEMA members threatened to boycott him unless he dropped out of playing the leading role in Faith.

In 2012, S-Plus Entertainment moved to extend Kang's contract with them for an additional eight months, citing his lack of projects for that same length of time due to CEMA's edict.

Given the track record of Korean entertainment agencies' statements when their (usually male) talent gets into a scandal, I got here with full expectation that I'll roll my eyes so hard they'll just fall out of my sockets completely..it was actually completely respectful! The optimist in me thinks that maybe not all agencies are utterly slimy and won't rush to shield their predatory male talent no matter what, but the cynic in me thinks that it's just the matter of the fact that probably the situation is so bad this time that it's not beneficial for them to do so.

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Kang Ji-hwan (born Jo Tae-gyu on March 20, 1977) is a South Korean actor.

He began his career in musical theatre, and has since starred in television dramas such as Be Strong, Geum-soon!

In 2010, Kang starred in romantic comedy series Coffee House, in which he played an eccentric novelist who is caught in a love triangle with his publisher (played by Park Si-yeon) and his assistant (played by Ham Eun-jung).

This was followed by his return to the stage in the musical revival Cafe In, a love story between a male sommelier and a female barista.

On July 9, 2019, Kang was arrested over allegations that he sexually molested and assaulted two of his agency's female employees at his home.

Kang stated that he remembered drinking with them but did not remember what happened afterwards.

We sincerely apologize for causing worry to so many people due to this shameful incident."As previously reported, Kang Ji Hwan drank with two female acquaintances A and B on July 9.

After they had fallen asleep, Kang Ji Hwan allegedly raped A and sexually assaulted B.

Kang’s birth flower is Daffodil and birthstone is Aquamarine. Souht Korean actor who gained fame when he finally landed a lead role in the 2005 series Be Strong, Geum-soon! His film debut came that same year when he played Gye-sang in Host and Guest.

Family: He was born in Seoul, South Korea with the birth name of Jo Tae-gyu.

In 2007, he and Han Ji-min starred in Capital Scandal, a period drama adapted from Lee Sun-mi's novel set in Japanese-occupied Korea. He was cast as the titular Joseon folk hero in Hong Gil-dong, written by the Hong sisters.