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Mc Queary was also questioned by two Penn State administrators, who came to the same conclusion as the two doctors, that Mc Queary wasn't sure what he saw or heard in the showers. "I've never had a rape victim or a witness to a rape tell multiple stories about how it happened," Snedden said in a previous interview with Big Trial, to describe why Mc Queary wasn't a credible witness.

"If it's real it's always been the same thing," Snedden said. It claimed that Mc Queary witnessed a 10-yar-old boy in the showers being subjected to “anal intercourse” by a “naked Jerry Sandusky.” Mc Queary supposedly told Joe Paterno about it, and two other university officials, but Penn State covered it up, the grand jury report says.

An incident that happened three years before the infamous 2001 Mike Mc Queary shower incident, where Mc Queary, according to the state attorney general's indictment, supposedly saw Sandusky anally raping another 10-year-old boy in the showers.

With the so-called Penn State sex abuse scandal, it's getting harder and harder to separate reality from myth.

All Ganim has done with her latest effort is to throw a fresh coat of mud on the situation and emphasize the need for independent scrutiny of the tainted investigation of Sandusky, as well as Ganim's central role in it. 1 with Ganim's new story is that the scoop the reporter was peddling directly contradicted one of her previous scoops.

Mc Queary could not definitely say whether he had witnessed a sexual attack or horseplay.

And that's why neither of the two doctors, both mandated reporters, ever told the police.

for Big On Saturday, when the Nittany Lions were defeating the Pittsburgh Panthers 33-14 to go 2-0 on a promising young football season, Sara Ganim of CNN posted a blast from Penn State's nightmarish past -- a big scoop that supposedly further tarred and feathered the ghost of the late Joe Paterno.

What startling new evidence did Ganim have to attack what was left of Paterno's credibility?Ganim's ethical conflict was laid out in a legal brief filed by Sandusky's lawyers in their arguments for a new trial.In the brief, Sandusky's lawyers wrote that Ganim "approached the mother of accuser 6," Deb Mc Cord, according to the testimony of State Police Corporal Joseph Leiter, and gave the mother the name and phone number for an investigator assigned to the attorney general's office.So when did Joe know that Jerry might be a pedophile, Sara? At Sandusky's trial, the prosecutors from the state attorney general's office admitted in a legal stipulation that Ganim, who won a Pulitzer Prize for her reporting on Sandusky while working for The Patriot News of Harrisburg, had meddled in a supposedly secret grand jury investigation.An investigation that was in danger of expiring if the prosecutors didn't find more alleged victims of Jerry Sandusky. By acting as an agent for the state attorney general's office when she contacted the mother of the naked 10-year old who was allegedly hugged in the shower back in 1998.Where she claimed that Paterno, who's no longer around to defend himself, knew about a previous allegation of sex abuse regarding Sandusky dating back to 1971.