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(Side note: Josh Radin was dating Schuyler Fisk until 2007 but no one seems to be able to confirm who he's dating now.) * There is no indication in her biography or any other source that singer Ingrid Michaelson is a lesbian. :) Well, I also didn't find anything about her stating that she's homosexual or bisexual or something like this.Her songs are catchy and her fans are growing and many happen to be gay. I don't know her personally or read anything about her private life, but I could imagine her being homosexual or at least bisexual. Maybe she is, here a quote from the the song "Masochist" from her album "Girls and Boys": She says you're a masochist for falling for me, So roll up your sleeves. : D * To whoever made the above point, there is reason to be seen there.

[Laughs] I happened to be friends with Zach Braff and I played him the song.And he told me, “You know, you should demo that song and send it to Bill Lawrence – who created the show Scrubs – because he’s always looking for new music to put on the show.” And I just thought, whatever, you know.In a silly comedy, they don’t have many moments like that, so a lot of the fans perked their ears up.It crashed the NBC website when the show aired because people were trying to figure out who wrote the song.And people would just seek me out and say, “Where can I get your music? And then pretty quickly the hobby became a career, very fortunately.

” And I’d just write them back and say, “Well, I don’t really have any other music. I never thought I had the confidence or the talent to do something like this for a living, and people just started writing me and saying, “You’re wrong.” That’s what I mean, like, who starts learning a few chords on the guitar at age 30 and then thinks they’re going to be a professional musician. With “Winter” I had learned six chords on the guitar and I thought, I wonder if I can write a song that uses these six chords.

(Example: in the Dixie Chicks song "Top of the World", the lead singer sings from the point of view of first her "father" and ultimately the point of view of all parents who have neglected to love their children.

She has a line, "I wish I loved Jesus / the way my wife does", but she is not singing as a gay woman.) * I don't know how credible this source is, but a friend of mine from college's best friend from home (see...herein lies the credibility part) won a contest to see Ingrid backstage - you had to design a concert poster for her and the top x number of posters won.

And I had to learn how to play on stage, because I never wanted to be on stage or be in front of a camera.

I always wanted to do things creatively behind the scenes.

Joshua Radin is an acoustic singer/songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio.