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In Never Gonna Give You Up, Rick becomes jealous of Terri and Jimmy's friendship.

He begins to make comments about her and becomes controlling.

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In Tears Are Not Enough (2), they were both concerned about Craig Manning after the death of his father Albert Manning.Hazel later goes to the Hawaii-themed dance as Jimmy's date.She tells him not to worry about what Paige says, and they kiss.Afterwards, Terri wants to go back to her friends, but Rick says no. Per Todd Mac Gregor's request, Terri transferred schools because of Rick's abuse.When she confronted him, he grabbed her arm and gave her a bruise.

The next day Hazel notices the bruise, but Terri says it's from gym class.

When Terri doesn't listen to him, he pushes her, causing her head to hit a cinder block. When Rick returns to Degrassi, he is bullied and hated because he put Terri in a coma, which eventually led to the school shooting and, ultimately, his death.

Prior to their relationship, the two developed a friendship and became moderately close due to the fact that they were in the same group of friends.

Hazel broke up with him in their senior year when she felt he was developing feelings for Ellie Nash.

Hazel went on to graduate with their class, while Jimmy was held back at Degrassi Community School for another year.

After the school began to isolate him, Rick transferred out of Degrassi Community School, only to return in season 4.