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Stroll along the street or take up a master class in one of Ukrainian crafts.

The Dnieper River naturally divides Kiev into the Right Bank and the Left Bank areas.

Our belief is that one quality meeting is worth 1,000 emails.

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Dolce Vita is an American owned and operated company with our offices in Plymouth Michigan in the USA.Our office in Kiev is run by our Managing Director Oksana Skrypnyk.A 1:1 ratio meaning an equal number of men and women.In Ukraine, it is .93 as opposed to 1.03 in the United States and 1.05 in Canada respectively.Our goal is to help create strong relationships, loving families and fulfilled lives.

We are different than other dating agencies in that when you become a member of our community you pay one monthly flat fee for complete access to women’s profiles and all their information.

Exploring Kiev with us will hopefully serve you as a great starting point for falling in love with Ukraine’s capital.

Kiev is mix of modern and ancient which will satisfy any your passion, no matter you like dusty historical mysteries or crazy outdoor activities.

We make it easy and affordable, rather than difficult and expensive, to meet a woman and start a relationship.

We work with our members to come to Ukraine to meet women in person.

Ukrainian women are not only beautiful and elegant but also well-educated with a strong commitment and loyalty to the man they commit too.