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Kim Sun Ah did a great job portraying the conflicted and insecure Jinny.For a fan of Kim Sun Ah and Kim Seung Woo – didn’t know Choi Min Soo then - this film was a great letdown. Kim Sun Ah acts Yoo Ri; a new apprentice who became a teacher to be in the same school of her long crush; teacher Byung Chul (Lee Bum Soo).

Thirsty for love as she was, she did not victimise herself and stayed in control of her life. The character of Lee Yeon Jae started vulnerable and insecure. She’s feared but hated at work and even nicknamed Medusa – sounds great to me.

Knowing that she might actually have lost the guy she loved, she didn’t lay her life to waste but instead lived on. When she found out she had few months to live, her rage turned into spending every second preciously. Hwang Ji An is a bossy, arrogant, strict, and professional shoe designer. When her one night stand with Park Tae Kang (Lee Jang Woo) brings more and more consequences, Hwang Ji An decides to accept a few new things in her life.

Quiet and helpless looking in one minute then fierce and insane in the next, humorous then serious, loving to death – her man and her people, strong and confident as a leader but a fragile woman who breaks down when alone; Mi Rae is a faultless portrayal of all that is admiring to me. She doesn’t know how to divide herself into parts or how to wear masks.

Will never imagine Sin Mi Rae not being Kim Sun Ah. Her kiss and tango scenes with Cha Seung Won are epic.

After Jinny gets dumped by her boyfriend, she feels blue and wonders if her three ex-boyfriends actually loved her at all.

She finds everyone busy with their life and they brush her aside.

Not tolerating injustice and standing to her rights; Shin Mi Rae presents to Jo Gook a potential politician.

After he paves the way for her thinking she’d become a pawn he can move wherever he likes, Mi Rae proves an independent and wise leader.

She made me feel the exact pain she felt and I cried my heart out. I mean, how can Korean people only grow more gorgeous? Eager for love as she is, she doesn’t let go of her dignity, and she doesn’t sacrifice for that love. Kim Sun Ah played the confident and successful Hwang Ji An perfectly and got me to love and understand her.

For me, as a Sun Ah fan, this was the greatest disappointment of all her works.

Disabled after the crime, she has nothing to wager but her organs.