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Kristen had a substantial reason for keeping her married life private in spite of the media's queries about her personal life.

Unfortunately, she had endometriosis, a situation that can cause severe pain while in periods.

star Kirsten Storms has had a lot to witness and experience throughout the years.

Back in 2013, it came out as a surprise to everybody when Kirsten Storms revealed that she was married.However, the gist of surprise elevated when her husband was none other than her co-star and husband, Brandon Barash.The revelation did not end there, cause the couple opened up another surprise, which is so cute that fans could help but admire.The former lovebirds revealed about expecting their first child in 2013, which was the same year they got married.The pair started going out on 12th May 2018 and shared a strong relationship ever since.

While both the exes moved on with their lives, their number one priority remained their daughter Harper Rose.

Her husband Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) died while she was still pregnant with their son.

Her current love interest, Peter August (Wes Ramsey), helped deliver the little kid and is Baby James’ proud uncle.

Revealing the duo got married in June 2013, Brandon explained to Kirsten and her then-husband Brandon welcomed her first child, a daughter named Harper Rose Barash on 7th January 2014.

Despite welcoming their daughter, the only one who they have in the name of children, the couple could not maintain their relationship and ended up in divorce.

However, she and Peter have not been intimate so there is zero chance that Maxie Jones is pregnant. Although, with its past vampire plots, who’s to say…Please give Maxie back her Fashion sense. Kirsten is too adorable not to be dressed like a doll 😉 TY in advance B0XSMa T— Jill Torey (@Torey Jill) May 7, 2019 counterpart Maxie Jones, Kirsten Storms also has a sexy man in her life.