Korean dating culture relationship

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Whether it’s couple T-shirts, couple phone cases, matching head-to-toe togs, Koreans take style seriously.

So why not use it to show the world who your boo is?

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With so many anniversaries, it’s no wonder that Korean couples regularly give small gifts.

Head out on any weekend night and you’ll see girls carrying bouquets left, right and centre.To sate this demand, Korea has a thriving industry of florists.Many corner shops sell bouquets with the innovative addition of chocolate nestled amongst the flowers, and city centres often have vending machines where you can buy small posies.Just like Beyonce said, if you like it, you gotta put a ring on it.Korean couples wear matching rings as a sign of being in a committed relationship, and it’s often used to mark either the point at which a couple becomes ‘official’ or a couple’s 100th-day anniversary.Wi-Fi is everywhere, and most Korean cell phones come with unlimited data packages, so don’t be surprised if your new love checks in with you throughout the day or wants to know what you ate after every single meal; it’s a sign they care about you.