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I’m sure that you have heard of the five love languages.

If not, I want to share a spark note quality reminder. A time that highlights undivided attention and focus.

As you read over the five love languages, I want to remind you that healthy relationships take time to identify ways to express all five of the love languages while also understanding how to appropriately and effectively provide the favorable one.

As you read over the five love languages take time to evaluate your relationship with the following questions: Quality time. Quality time emphasis providing focus and attention while avoiding neglectful like behaviors. If this is your love language, then you appreciate the support.Acts of service are often defined by lending a hand, helping to clean the house, doing a favor, or going out of your way to provide help.After all, if you aren’t up to speed with the latest buzzwords, you might miss out on that all-important date.From “breadcrumbing” to “zombieing”, singles in 2018 can sometimes sound like they are speaking an entirely different language.You and your companion work best on the days during which you feel the same way about everything, and nothing short of that.

If you speak Acts of Snacks, your affection for your companion is subconsciously linked with how good you think they look on a given day.For those of you who aren’t in love nor in the mood to give or receive it, it’s important you understand which Like Language you use to speak with the romantic fling or companion that’s flitting in and out of your life, or simply hanging around to middling results. Please comment with your email if you’d like to receive a bunch of promo emails about my forthcoming literary work on how to navigate mediocre relationships.Identifying exactly how and when you like this person will enable you to communicate your needs more openly and freely. If you speak Quiet Time, you appreciate when your companion takes a back seat conversationally, thus giving you the space to forget the inner workings of his or her personality.When he or she wears that one outfit, with the one pair of glasses and that one hat, the gates of your affection unwittingly burst open, and you wonder why you’ve been questioning things all this time.But the moment they show up back in that other outfit, looking like less than a snack, you’re immediately reminded of all the reasons this person just isn’t right for you, and you consider leaving them once and for all.You also value time alone with your companion because bringing him or her around your friends impedes your relaxation as you spend the entire time worrying what your companion will say to embarrass you.