Large penis dating

A well endowed penis can seem sexy and exciting, but those who have actually slept with a big penis may say differently.

It seems both men and women praise the thought of either having or being with someone who is well endowed.

My next boyfriend was only about five inches, and I was so relieved.” – Lauren, 27. That’s right, women are more likely to cheat on men with large penises says this study. The study suggests that for every inch longer a penis was, the likelihood of the wife cheating went up by one and a half.

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] World record for the biggest penis While the doesn’t document penis-related records, they do exist!

Cabrera is an advocate that bigger is not always better.

In fact, Cabrera says that women were so scared of having sex with him that he never could maintain a long-term girlfriend.

Go slow and allow time for the vaginal walls to stretch out. It may be beneficial to have an orgasm via hand stimulation or oral sex before penetration to ensure you are wet and ready. Lubrication is an absolute must when sleeping with a well endowed man.

Lube will allow for more clitoral friction and decreases the odds of tearing or pain during sex.

The research then showed these hubbies were so well endowed that their wives took to smaller men to satisfy them, pain-free. How to have a cheat free romance] #3 Or they will stereotype you. ” –Tanner, 39, 8.5” #4 You can’t hide your erection, not even at the airport.

“Women seem to be under the impression that just because I have a larger penis that I’m a douchebag player. Falcon was actually pulled aside and frisked at an airport in San Francisco due to a large bulge in his pants.

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Don’t try and be the “cool girl” if you’re in pain.

Open communication is essential for either of you to have a good time during any form of big dick sex. Conquering Mount Everest is definitely a brag-worthy feat, but arriving at the base makes you realize the pain you’re about to endure just to make the summit.