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Of course, Seattle’s willingness to include Diaz is the biggest factor.The 24-year-old recorded 57 saves last season and posted a 1.96 ERA, and he’s under team control for four more seasons.

If you want a good illustration of Boban’s impressive physical stature, look no further than what he did to the rim on a dunk earlier this season.Ayton won’t have many tougher tests, at least offensively.Harper has already reportedly turned down one massive offer from Washington, but there is room for that deal to be revised.The Phillies have made it known that they are willing to spend big this winter, though they seem to be proceeding as if they could miss out on Harper and Machado. Lamar Odom has been working on a book that is expected to be published early in 2019, and it reportedly has many members of the Kardashian family feeling extremely on edge.He honestly thinks they’re all disgusting, and the entire family has gone into panic mode over what Lamar might reveal.” Khloe was often shown as a big supporter of Odom on her reality TV shows as the former NBA star struggled with drug abuse and alleged infidelity, but the gossip magazine says Khloe is “terrified that (Odom is) going to portray her as a heartless woman who used her husband’s near-death experience to boost ratings.” The source goes on to say that Khloe’s mother, Kris Jenner, is the most concerned about the book, as she supposedly kept in secret contact with Odom after his divorce from Khloe.

Odom’s book is sure to be a hot seller, and we have continued to hear crazy reports about the issues he is having in his personal life.

— Buster Olney (@Buster_ESPN) November 29, 2018 The Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers all seem to be out on both Harper and Machado.

We know how quickly that can change, but it greatly limits the market if it remains the case.

Baseball execs are baseball fans at heart, and they wonder, too, about where Bryce Harper and Manny Machado will sign.

Most common guesses — informed speculation — that I’ve heard from folks within the game: Machado to the Phillies, Harper back to the Nationals.

The Seattle Mariners may have found a way to entice teams to trade for Robinson Cano and his massive contract, and the New York Mets appear to be on board with completing a deal for the aging slugger.