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This is how I managed to update my Win10/64 system from Ver. My system has an Intel 17-8700 CPU with 16 GB RAM and a 128GB Samsung SSD boot drive installed on an ASUS P8Z77-M motherboard.

Many of you might have been around yesterday and watched the launch of the new Windows 10 S version of operating system that is going to be available on the new range of Microsoft Surface laptops.

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I would then enable the disabled services and startup applications and upgrade any application necessary.

Some applications (MS Office, Nero and others) may assume you changed computer and require to activate them again. I have updated from 1803 to 1903 apart from one bsod it took about 2 hours.

It's a little long (downloads all the equivalent of the official DVD) but very effective.

I have not lost any applications already installed, documents or accounts!

If you want to be one of the people who gets the first dibs in these kinds of incremental updates in Windows 10, then you need to sign up to become a “Windows Insider.” While there are probably quite a few technical differences between the two, I like to refer to the Windows Insider program as a similar thing on offer to Mac users with the Apple Developer program: you get access to versions of the OS as swiftly as possible, and the idea behind it is to try out the new features and give feedback.

Doing this allows the developers to fix issues quicker than if they were to be using it just by themselves.

Unfortunately impossible to do both at the same time, it is necessary to re-download again: -( (There may be a trick but I haven't tested it!!! That is, disable either in BIOS or in Device Manager all not-necessary devices (audio, LAN, Wi-Fi, TV tuner etc) and disconnect any printer and other USB devices.

You won't need them until Windows upgrade is complete, so why let Windows try replacing the drivers and mess them?

(Not to be confused with the Educational version of Windows which is available to meet the needs of students and professionals.)Once you know what version of Windows 10 operating system is it that you want to have running on a computer—, i.e., Windows 10 Home, Pro, Education, or the new S—you then get the chance to keep getting updates for those versions of Windows after you have them installed.

For example, everyone who has Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro will have already had the chance to install two major updates from the original Windows 10 that came out: the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and the more recently released Creators Update.

The new range of Microsoft Surface laptops is intended for students and for giving all the things students need.