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So, let’s lay out some of the conditions needed to make sure everyone is safe and on the same page while having sex or thinking about being intimate with someone.

At loveisrespect we talk about consent because we know it’s an important part of a healthy relationship.

Without consent how can people in an intimate relationship ensure everyone’s needs are being met?

Pressuring someone to be intimate with you by threatening to hurt them or do something bad to them if they don’t agree to what you are asking to (like spreading rumors or naked pictures on social media) are when it comes to sex and consent.

Pressuring someone to do something they don’t want to or using scare tactics to get you there, are definitely not caring or trusting ways to have a relationship, they are techniques used to keep power and control over someone.

I know how to be safe online, and have never given away anything close to my real age or name, or something like that.

Nor have I ever done anything anyone asked me to do.Free of coercion and fear: Since healthy relationships are built on open, honest, and respectful communication, it is safe to say that there’s no room for pressure or fear when it comes to sex.Love and respect cannot be present in a relationship where there is coercion or fear.If you still have questions or concerns about your relationship, reach out to an advocate for help.Please call 1-866-331-9474, chat with us via the “Chat Online Now” button or text the word “loveis” to 22522. Ongoing: You may have literally said “yes” to kissing or making out or expressed interest with a nod or smile, but that is not an automatic yes to “going all the way.” You have the right to change your mind.