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Soliloquy for Lilith is an album of complex, powerfully realized moods, both somber and fragile; one of the most rewarding "ambient" albums ever made.

This fortuitous accident is utilized to stunning effect on the eight sidelong pieces that comprise the album.

Giant sheaves of majestic, glacial sound are wielded in repetition, with the inevitable effects of sound decay and distortion creeping in at the high end and bottom tones.

Hailed as a masterpiece on release, it soon became a firm favorite of NWW fans and topped the world ambient chart for over three months.

Originally a limited-edition, three-album set housed in a handsome 12-inch gold and black foil embossed box, this new edition, a CD facsimile of the original vinyl set, contains the entire album, plus 40 minutes of superb quality, previously unreleased music from the original sessions that did not appear on the vinyl.

Environmental chemicals and pharmaceuticals, such as bisphenols or mild analgesics (including paracetamol), can also affect the somatic cell lineages.

This Review summarizes our current knowledge pertaining to environmental chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and their potential contributions to the development of ovarian dysgenesis syndrome.

The books are hand bound so that some of the pages can be ‘opened up’; introducing a do-it-yourself guide for children explaining how to make your own artwork using the same techniques as the artist.

If the reader — instead of opening the ‘activity flap’ — turns over the page, the chapter’s given piece of art and technique is explained in a lively and down-to-earth language.

It's a gleaming sound full of depth and dimension, like a work of modern metal sculpture in which you can see your distorted reflection.

When given your full attention, the coldly warm tones have the effect of rendering thoughts, and therefore time itself, neutral.

A green foil blocked cover and new parchment insert makes this one of Dirter Promotion's most elegant and desirable releases to date.