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For this reason, the tax you pay when liquidating shares can depend on how long you hold your investment.

The type of fund in which you invest may also allow you to minimize your overall tax risk during the life of your investment.

ASIC reports on corporate insolvencies 2017–18 ASIC has published its annual overview of corporate insolvencies based on statutory reports lodged by external administrators for the 2017–18 financial year. 14 November Report On Company Activities and Property (ROCAP) After an extensive revision process and industry consultation conducted through an external consultant, ASIC has released the new ROCAP - Report On Company Activities and Property to replace the RATA.

The Government has introduced new laws that change the way ASIC is funded.

Mutual funds offer professional management of your money, along with diversification of investments.

Mutual-fund managers pool money invested by multiple investors and use the funds to reinvest in securities such as bonds or stocks.

Low-turnover funds may minimize the amount of capital-gains taxes you must pay during the life of the investment.

In a low-turnover fund, the fund's manager minimizes the amount of selling and buying of investments within the funds, which typically reduces that amount of annual capital gains.

The IRS considers fund earnings as short-term gains, which require higher tax rates than long-term earnings.