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Collecting and working fire obsidian has truly become his passion and he blames (and sincerely thanks) Emory Coons, the master of this spectacular material for being a generous tutor.Fire obsidian, a particular variety of iridescent obsidian found in the northwest USA, displays various brilliant colours and patterns.

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In ancient times precious opal was considered a stone of great benefit to the eyes and was worn to cure ocular ailments, as well as to render the carrier of the stone invisible to the eyes of others (Braid, 2015).

Fire opal was admired as a symbol of fervent love in ancient times among the peoples of India, Persia, Central America and North America.

Recent laboratory analysis has determined that the ‘fire’ in fire obsidian is caused by thin-film interference. Take a look at some of the exciting activities and events we have planned for this year's show...

Examples of this form of interference include the sheen of soap bubbles on a sunny day, the streaks of colour on a freshly wiped windshield, and a colourful film of oil on a rain puddle - these are all the results of the interference of light by a very thin film of one material that is spread over the surface of another material. Gem-A is pleased to have some fascinating red beryl specimens in the historic Gem-A Gemstone & Mineral Collection.

Iridescent gems and minerals have held a special fascination for man throughout history.

Many early attempts were made to describe both the cause of the iridescence and the metaphysical properties believed to be associated with them.

When carefully worked by the lapidary, exquisite gems can be produced that in the author’s opinion, are equal to the finest examples of other iridescent gems in ‘play of colour’, brilliance, uniqueness and intrinsic beauty.

To date this location is the only occurrence of fire obsidian known.

They are not due to its basic chemical and crystalline structure, rather the interaction of light with certain inclusions or structural features within the gem.

Iridescence is the phenomenon seen as a multi-coloured surface effect caused by diffraction.

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