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"You look good in that dress," he said staring at her from behind. He takes his lips close to her ear and lightly blows his hot breath then whispers lightly nibbling her ear, ''You know what I'm gonna do to you?

"Its the first time I'm wearing a jeans, normally I wear salwar kameez or a sari," she replies facing away from him. '' She shivers at his touch and hot breath, and tries to move away from him but is unable to move any muscle.

The light of the hallway is dim and dark yellow giving it an almost darker vibe which Simran is unfamiliar with. The dark brown wooden door she is staring at is just at arms length away from her.

She walks down the hallway slowly, looking around at each door as she passes it. Life seems very complicated and very simple at the same time. She has to knock on it, just a little knock on the door with her small fingers and that's it.

It was a decent size room painted dull pink, with a big bed in the middle, a tv at the corner, a chair at one end and a dressing table on the other end.

There was a door which she presumed would be the bathroom. it-" she pauses as she feels him come up behind her to interrupt.

He looks at her taking in her beauty, her red shoes, her tight blue jeans showing her curves, her red top showing her creamy cleavage and her pretty face with her hair hanging down loosely.

He smiles and she returns his smile with a smile that is fake as she is nervous and doesn't know what to do?'KNOCK KNOCK' The sound is like a slap on her ears because she knows now the door will open and she has to face the music.Her fantasy, her dreams, her expectations, all the buildup upto this moment is behind this wooden door.He wraps his muscular arms around her body in a hug and starts caressing her stomach with his big hands moving them in a circular motion.She can feel the warmth of his hard body pressed against hers.She knows its going to be different from what she is used to.