Love cafe virtual dating game cherrysoft

Dress up with a bow and arrow and a pair of wings, and start spreading the love… 🤷🏽‍♀️ there are only like 4 levels on each chapter and there boring , there’s only like 4 chapters .

It’s the hottest game among China’s young women at the moment. At least that’s what the Chinese women who are obsessed with a mobile game called Love and Producer might be thinking.var $jscomp=$jscomp

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Players are also estimated to (link in Chinese) have spent at least 200 million yuan (around million) in January to improve their odds of having a successful virtual relationship via in-game purchases.

In Love and Producer, you star as a female TV producer who must save your late father’s production company by reviving a hit show, while developing romantic relationships with four heartthrobs.

Do you really want to fight for what you love and don’t pretend to leave the love of your life? If it is yes the answer to some of this questions, then this is your love simulator game for sure!

This is your great opportunity to meet your other half and become the best possible virtual boyfriend or girlfriend.

You will need to decide a bunch of different things in this game.