Loveair dating airline workers Chat dirty with me

If he's full of bullshit or tells me why are you asking me this questions or is hesitant, I won't give him the time or day.I want answers and I won't stay with someone who doesn't put in any effort and is using me.So he's an airline transport pilot...if that makes a difference.

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I wouldn't waste people's time for this or just so I can ask for attention.Second, thank you for those who gave me informative things about what it means being a pilot or dating one and it seems to me that I could possibly be one of many side chicks or just a side chick.I will keep everyone updated in a new post once I speak with him.Again, thanks for ALL of your input, thoughts, and opinions! :(I dated an airline pilot for a bit and he’d send me his trip sheets so I knew which flights he was operating and could contact him at the hotel should something happen.These are his ratings: AIRLINE TRANSPORT PILOT AIRPLANE MULTIENGINE LAND COMMERCIAL PRIVILEGES AIRPLANE SINGLE ENGINE LAND I just want to understand exactly what that means? I know he’s playing you due to the type rating of CL65 and duration of silence.

Hopefully he just works for Mesa and is ashamed rather than living another life somewhere. I’m going to add to the voices as I didn’t see a particular piece of critical evidence. Southwest, as most airlines, charter, and cargo carriers (including international) negotiate with the hotels to provide free internet to the pilots.

Sometimes 3 weeks pass by without any form of communication and it's new and somewhat difficult for me to understand.

I'll send him pictures and videos through Snapchat and whenever he's back in the states he'll look at them and talk to me about what I shared in those pictures/videos.

That was never necessary because I would hear from him as soon as he had Wi Fi should he be out of the country.

That’d either be the hotel or even at the airport itself.

Not only do they have wifi or access of some sort, IT IS REQUIRED.