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Last updated: January 2019 Madagascar Embassy Firearms must be declared and may be impounded for the duration of the stay.

You will need to provide a crew list to be stamped (2 copies).

Immigration retains one copy and you must return to the Port Captain’s office with the other stamped crew list. Last updated: January 2019 Passports must be valid for 6 months beyond your departure date.

However, you may well be asked to make an unofficial payment – see the fees section on dealing with payment requests. Do not bother to call via VHF as the officials usually do not have working radios.

PRE-ARRIVAL It is now possible to obtain a visa online. Before commencing clearance you may need to find a photocopy shop (to get copies of ship’s papers and your previous port exit zarpe) and an ATM for cash.

The five day ascent up Pic Boby is most definitely worth the effort: from its summit you’ll see Madagascar laid out before you in all its glory: a rich and diverse landscape peopled with colourful villages and brightly clad villagers.

The trek The next leg of the adventure awaits: you’ll then begin your trekking descent down to the verdant and rippling hillsides for which Madagascar is known using your boot-clad feet, your ingenuity, your wits, your new-found jungle-trekking skills and whatever else is required.

The officer may hold your passports for a short while and return them with the entry visa attached.

Visas: It is no longer possible to get a 30-day visa on arrival.

The Diademed Sifakas Lemur (also known as the dancing lemur) is a globally recognised species which is perilously close to extinction.

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