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The belief that women are safest when secluded still holds sway in India.

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Yet Hossain’s dream of freedom from crime remains unrealized in India.There, as across much of the world, violence against women appears to be escalating.We arrested him on July 17 for interrogation, during which he confessed to have killed Madke,” said Dabade. Pawar has been charged with murder and theft charges under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and was produced in Vasai court on July 18. called “Sultana’s Dream.” In this science-fiction fantasy, which describes a utopia named Ladyland, the sun’s energy has been harnessed for cooking. The architects of this world—its safety as well as its solar power—are all women., the practice that for centuries had kept them in enforced seclusion, behind the veil or at home, hidden from the gazes of strange men.The threat of sexual harassment, from incidents of aggressive ogling or groping (known euphemistically as “Eve teasing”) to rape, discourages women from venturing out alone, especially at night.

And if, having gone out, they are harassed or assaulted, they are often told it was their fault.She suffered serious injuries and died on the spot.Pawar then stole Madke’s mangalsutra and fled the spot,” said Dabade.Astonished to find the streets empty of men, as well as to learn that they are “in their proper places, where they ought to be,” she struggles to understand how this reversal was accomplished, and why.Wasn’t the “But dear Sultana, how unfair it is to shut in the harmless women and let loose the men.” “Why?The number of reported rapes in India has surged by 792 percent in the past four decades, making it the nation’s fastest-growing crime.