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This Wasn’t a Controlled Study In the experiment, the four relationship statuses each had an equal number of profiles (five men and five women).

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He lived in Milwaukee, visited Chicago often for business, and wanted to put me up in a luxury apartment on Lake Shore Drive.

He reasoned that it would be doing us both a “favor” – he’d be providing me (in his words, “a struggling young woman”) with a free Gold Coast apartment.

, according to a recent experiment published on the website

Writer Jon Millward, who designed the experiment for creative digital agency Fractl, created 40 fake profiles on Ok Cupid to determine how people respond to different relationship statuses online.

Each night, some sort of message (I never did find out what it was) was sent out from my profile to registered for the site, but had either cancelled their paid membership, or never paid to begin with.

On top of these messages, I began receiving responses from men I’d already responded to.

So the fact that the cheating women received 998 messages while the cheating men received only 78 isn’t all that surprising—or all that telling.

Rather, it just confirms what online dating experts already know: that women are more likely to receive messages than men are.

In fact, even in the experiment, single ladies still got the second-most messages of the four female groups: 890. The Men May Not Have Realized They Were Cheating Just in case you needed a little more reassurance, there’s no hard proof that all of the guys who messaged the cheating women actually read their profiles and knew that they were interested in being unfaithful.

It’s entirely possible that the men in the experiment saw pictures of the women and maybe a couple of details in their bios, decided they were interested enough to message them, and didn’t bother reading their profiles all the way through before making their move, says Millward.

The bottom line: Yes, there are some slimy (or at least unobservant) guys on online dating sites, and that blows.