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Not long after that, 18-year-old Shelley and Tyler, six years older, are married with a baby on the way, headed to Tennessee to live near his family.Shelley gives birth to a little girl named Lilliana.In fact, they say she actually stopped at his house with their daughter Lilliana in her car.

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There is a record of the domestic violence that was going on in that house, and that was distressing to her." Tyler says he called the cops the day Shelley went missing, saying she was supposed to pick up their daughter, but she never showed.

Now police believe Tyler may have been the last one to see Shelley.

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How do you prove a crime even happened if there is no body or even a crime scene?

As Shelley's family's suspicions mount around Tyler, Shelley's mother files for custody of 6-year-old Lilliana.

Tyler fights to keep her, and is interviewed on camera during a video-taped custody hearing. "Shelley's family took him to court because they thought once they took him to family court, he would answer some questions, but they were wrong," said Keele."I was able to uncover from a convenience store several miles from his home that night, pulling up in his red S-10 truck," said Keele."It does stop at the Dumpster for roughly five to 10 minutes.But stress on the young marriage proves to be too much. Shelley moves into an apartment in a neighboring town and starts work as teacher at the local middle school.She is sharing custody of her daughter with ex-husband Tyler when she starts dating someone new. Until the day she makes an appointment with a man at her apartment to get some work done. Shelley's ex-husband Tyler also calls police after she doesn't show up to pick up their daughter at his house.But he declines to elaborate and takes the Fifth Amendment again.