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Several factors sent the UBC's student government on rocky financial ground: GYM FORGOTTEN 1: Student Council last year did not pay the per student compulsory contribution to the war memorial gymnasium which is collected with!who designed campus economy BUDGET tif H" WORRIES sent Paul Plant, student treasurer tball Coacl espite Looks By JACK WASSERMAN DAILY UBYSSEY SPORTS EDITOR - ie freshman will not be dunked in the lily pond this year. WD Not Observe Holiday j Buildisi Permits Issued Contrary to report Mondny will Inspector W. •) change -I mnnngors for tbe business mon of tho city outside oflfor Mayi IS. not be observed us n holiday by tlic sued lho following building permits! Hurt A the banks und government offices I anil repairs to rcsideni i West-' "• L . Bathgate, resilience on College streel $'2000. PC" commercial that claimed that Macs don't get viruses?

Even though that has never been true (Apple products face fewer threats of viruses than its competitors but they aren't virus-proof), the idea has stuck with…With the U. Open underway, tennis fans are once more clamoring to see two of the sport’s all-time greats renew their rivalry on the court.

He is the enew head coach of the Thunderbird American Football team, 26-year-old Don Wilson.

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The new mentor, a graduate of Linfield College, has built a fighting team despite handicaps of short practice time and lack of experience. "When this team goes onto the field, it will be going out to win.'' Don't Be Fooled BURSAR SAYS AMS MUST PAY IN FULL: 4c New Bursar Bagshaw Is determined to prove his worth—even If it's only four cents ut a time. MS officials who thought they had surety beat thc administration this time had their hopes dashed when n stiff note arrived from the bursar demanding that they pay In full at once. the society's debts are owed to the to trade creditors, Otherwise, he says, the credit of the society is sound.

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