Mr right online dating

In many cases you're way too shy or time just won't permit a new person into your life.

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How could I possibly predict an entire relationship with someone before I'd even met him?

Maybe he would be completely different, and I'd end up marrying the guy!

Or was there an underlying reason that my subconscious had picked up on, and knew there just wasn't the right chemistry between us?

WHY would my brain do this to me right before our first date?

Maybe he would make my heart race, and I'd forget about all the other males in my life forever.

Four hours, three beers, and one cute puppy snoozing at my feet later - I'm driving home and replaying our first 'date'.

As predicted, we had an extremely easy time talking with each other. We talked about music, and travel, and work experiences, and how awful customer service can be.

After he gently asked about family, I even opened up and shared the uncomfortable story about my sister that I usually keep away from on first dates.

I decided to still go through with drinking beers on the patio.

The dark cloud in my stomach was going to be ignored, and replaced with an open mind and a cracked open heart.

I laughed off his compliment, as I realized I hadn't once perceived him as a potential romantic partner.