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With access to the latest news, events and library of expert articles and advice, you can get up to speed on today's hot health topics to learn about conditions and issues that may be affecting your life. Find a provider, discover community and work-life resources near you, and quickly and confidentially connect to expert guidance regarding conditions and situations that concern you.James Joyce once sneered at Jesus of Nazareth for having never lived with a woman because it was, in Joyce's words, “one of the most difficult things a man has to do.” Now, that's a prickish thing to say, but it's also true, and women could say it about men, too: When you first move in together, it will be an inevitably bumpy transition out of full bachelorhood.

It's difficult enough to find a mate whose personality meshes with your own, let alone one whose body temperature preferred sleeping temperature are compatible with yours.If you, like me, require frigid temperatures to sleep, the prospect of sealing yourself into a feathery coffin with another hot body—who at any given moment may also be farting or flailing around in their sleep—is unsavory enough to discourage dating altogether.(Trust me, it's for the best.) Here are some things you should expect so you can surpass even the Son of God.—Not living in a disgusting bachelor pad will be amazing I have no idea how I survived in such squalor.Learn more about how mental health and substance use disorders affect people just like you.

Read article from the Wall Street Journal If this is an emergency or you think you may harm yourself, call 911.It's not just an aroma cleanser but a signal from afar, one that prevents you from having to say, “Wow, I just went all Jason Statham on the toilet.You might want to wait a sec.” And really, what's more considerate than that?When I told her that I was nervous about moving in with my partner, she reassured me: “It'll be an adjustment, but it will be fine and eventually fun.” She added, “But definitely buy a Idiot that I am, my first thought was that she was suggesting something lavender-scented molded out of artisanal fecal matter.But no, what Jazmine meant was a candle—any candle will do—that can be lit in the event of an evacuation of the secondary kind.(We don't even own a dog.) No matter how furious I am at my boyfriend on behalf of Salami (hypothetical dog), if he comes in with “Okay, sure,” we can both go back to drooling over Sandra Oh.