My daughter is dating a jehovah witness

“Olympia doesn’t celebrate birthdays,” the 36-year-old said.

Other things they are prohibited from doing include being patriotic, as it is seen as "worshipping an idol", or voting or canvassing for political parties as they remain politically neutral.

As Jesus never celebrated his birthday, Jehovah's Witnesses don't mark theirs' either, and they don't acknowledge the major Christian holidays of Christmas Day or Easter, as they believe these festivals are based on pagan customs.

Stokes wrote, “My bestie @marqueshouston and his Queen, my play daughter @iammiya_x !

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Jehovah's Witnesses are not meant to make friends with people of other faiths, as non-believers are considered to belong to "Satan's world" - although this isn't always strict as their celebrity followers show.

Many followers say there is a a sense of community that can come with being a Jehovah's Witness - as they are tight-knit and have respect for each other.

So it's likely that the first person you choose to date will be the person you marry.

And after marriage, there's still restrictions on sex - namely anal and oral sex which are strictly forbidden, something that is also frowned upon in religions such as Islam and other forms of Christianity.

And there are unusual rules members have to follow: they can't have life-saving blood transfusions, are unable to vote or date without chaperones being present - and are forbidden from having oral sex both in and out of marriage.

Serena and sister Venus were raised as Jehovah's Witnesses by their mother Oracene Price, who converted to the religion in the 1980s.

As one Jehovah's Witness told the New Yorker: "It’s as much a sin to take a blood transfusion as to have an extramarital affair".