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Whether you’re looking for a laid back idea or something more extravagant, we’ve got all the ideas you need to wow her this Valentine’s Day.Your girlfriend is sure to be impressed if you plan her a special outing on Valentine’s Day.

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Spend time with each other on Valentine’s Day by learning a new skill together.

There are all kinds of classes to suit everyone’s interests — like cooking, baking, massage, painting, sculpting, dancing, mixology and many more.

If your girlfriend loves to get out and explore, cater to her adventurous side and plan a romantic outdoor date.

Depending on the weather and where you live, some options include hiking, camping, boating, hitting the slopes and kayaking.

Grab her favorite treats and drinks to have alongside a nice big bowl of freshly popped popcorn. If your girlfriend loves to dance, why not throw her a one-on-one Valentine’s Day dance?

Dancing isn’t everyone’s forte, so make sure it’s something she likes before making your plans.

Even if you live together, make a point to get ready separately, pick her up and arrive at the doorstep with Whether she loves pinot noir or pale ales, a tasting is a low-key and fun idea that can be its own date or a precursor to dinner.

Go on-site to a winery or brewery or just visit local spots to make an adventure out of it.

Set the tone with lighting, candles and Surprise your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day with a spa day at home.

Start with a candlelit massage to help her unwind from work or school.

There are many romantic indoor and outdoor date options depending on her tastes and interests. Here’s a tip: Take your surprise date to the next level and blindfold her while you’re driving there so she has no idea what to expect.