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Some say that the shallow man is old, others, when they see my elegantly suited and well trained physique, prefer to think of me as having matured like a Henri Jayer Vosne-Romanee Burgundy. Being so mature, the Shallow Man can remember the days when one would actually have to leave one’s palace to meet a potential partner for life, or the for the night.

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The Dutch aren’t known for being overdressed, in fact they dress more low key, elegantly simple, and smart. When it’s raining half the time and you have to bike everywhere, who wants to constantly be wearing a pair of heels and a short, tight dress and oodles of makeup. But it really comes into play here when dating the Dutch.They are practical, so showing up to a date wearing 9-inch heels and a glitter body-con dress probably isn’t the best first impression. The Dutch believe that it is better to be honest (on date number one) rather than dance around the big topics and find things out later on.They do not look favourably at flowery, over-the-top compliments.Those sort of comments are sometimes perceived as ‘fake’ and the Dutch are anything but.Be as honest as is reasonable when describing what you are looking for in a compatible match.

Just imagine that after dating this person, that they might end up sitting next to you on the sofa for the rest of your days.

You have started to make friends and you have definitely started to notice how beautiful the Dutch are – tall, blonde, graceful Europeans gliding around on bikes all day. Same goes if you are wanting to date a Dutch man – don’t think he isn’t necessarily interested if he doesn’t come and talk to you.

However, there are some unspoken rules when it comes to dating the Dutch and I am going to help you navigate the sometimes-treacherous waters. A lot of Dutch women claim Dutch men are not forth-coming enough (yes, I was surprised to hear this too) and that often, they won’t approach them in a bar or at a party. Sure, that is a universal life tip: practice honesty.

“Shallow man, I tried some of your dating tips, but really can’t be bothered to stroke someone’s Lion King hair, or compliment them on their appearance if I don’t like how they are dressed, for me, that’s a little bit….shallow? Of course, in order to make sure that the advice I provide is based on real world experience, I sacrificed myself, and actually joined several dating sites and had a number of dates whose results I shall keep to myself while smiling at my screen. The Expat herd tend to flock online, (Don’t’ say that too quickly) to the Expatica dating site which is the best place found by the shallow man not only to meet Expats, but open minded locals as well.

Do you have any experience in online dating in the Netherlands? The Expatica site is incredibly easy to use and has local sites in a number of countries including my present home, the Netherlands.

I don’t know about you, but I think that is a lot sexier than receiving the latest Rolex watch.