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No need to feel the festive season singles slump this year; New Year's Eve is one global gathering of celebratory cavorting, so grab your mates and show v one hella good time.

It's not all about fancy dinners and balls with your loved one, all you need is some alcohol (a lot of it admittedly), some music and a dancefloor - the rest is history.

The Golden Momentos Experience An unforgettable experience collaborating the very best of Salsa, Latin Music, Dance Shows…

Dan Bacon is a dating and relationship expert and the author of The Flow, an e Book that teaches you the easiest way to get laid or get a girlfriend.

If you want to welcome in 2020 while dripping in gold, this is your chance.

Join us on Victoria Embankment with views of the fireworks for New Year's Eve!

Signals can include her holding eye contact with you and smiling, hugging you again, looking at your lips while biting her own lip and regularly touching you in a playful and warm/loving way. You can also use The Hug Technique on many other occasions while meeting women, such as when a woman says it’s her birthday. There’s nothing to be shy about when it comes to being a cool, confident, loving guy.

When you’re out meeting new women throughout the year, it is important to be in a fun, social and outgoing mood so that women feel great when they meet you.

You’re not desperate, you’re not strange and you’re not weird for wanting a kiss on NYE.

After you have established mutual attraction, look out for signals that show she is interested in kissing you and just move in for it, or wait until midnight for the big moment. Don’t be afraid to hug a woman to congratulate a woman on her birthday. Be happy, confident and outgoing and just enjoy yourself.

Right on our doorstep, without a passport control or a foreign phrasebook in sight, it’s possible to holiday with like minded singles in luxury and comfort, immersed in British hospitality.