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He also happens to be a flamboyant art collector and museum builder whose antics have drawn both praise and consternation from observers and art experts.While adding nothing new to our knowledge of which works Liu owns, writer Jiayang Fan still manages to provide an exhaustive account of his his life—from his impoverished childhood and family hardships to his fortune building, collecting, and current everyday activities (he seems to be “less guarded” on We Chat than he is with the reporter).

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Lunden didn’t want to drag Hunter into family man life – she just wanted him to pony up some cash to help take care of his alleged son.Lunden might want to call Maury, because according to The New Yorker, “” That’s pretty bold of Hunter.felt frustrated, began to feel some of the moral compromises of her legal commitment to stay quiet and essentially hide infidelity leading up to the election,” said Farrow.You can listen to his full interview with NPR above.A Hertz rental car employee says they found a crack pipe in a car rented by Hunter.

Only a few weeks after it was revealed that Hunter and Hallie were over, we learned that Hunter had gotten married to a South African woman named Melissa Cohen.

“Really, the important ramifications of this story are the way in which it illustrates a system used by some of the most powerful men in this country that includes leveraging tabloid media institutions.” Farrow said that Mc Dougal, who signed away her rights to the story in exchange for a payout from American Media, didn’t fully realize the agreement she signed at the time and became increasingly frustrated over the years.

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A few days after their first date, Hunter – who was raised Catholic – went out and got a tattoo that read “” tattoo Melissa has on her left bicep.

On May 15th, less than a week after they met, Hunter proposed to Melissa.

We’ve got an update on everybody’s favorite political failson, and of course there’s enough new information to make Joe Biden shoot off an email that reads, ““.