Nigerian dating in uk

The UK's largest concentration of Nigerians is found in the capital city, London.

Olaudah Equiano, born in what is now Nigeria and a former slave, lived in London and was involved in the debate that occurred in Britain over the abolition of the slave trade.Like many former British colonies, Nigeria has been a large source of immigrants to the United Kingdom.“Relax guys he ain’t hit yet, but that’s bae,” she wrote.The lovebirds are also very lovey-dovey on each other’s social media pages as they both promote their upcoming tours.Stefflon who performed in Kenya in December 2018, is promoting her April UK Secure tour.

On the other hand, Burna Boy who is preparing for his debut Coachella performance is promoting his USA African Giant tour starting in April 2019.Similarly, Nigerians with citizenship of another EU member state who then relocated to the UK are not necessarily included in this estimate.The report suggests to multiply the figure by between 3 and 8 to reflect the size of the Nigerian community in the UK.Prior to Nigeria's independence from Britain, gained in 1960, many Nigerians studied in the UK along with other countries such as France and the United States, with the majority returning to Nigeria upon completion of their studies.In 2015, Britain's Independent Anti-slavery Commissioner expressed concerns about the extent of contemporary slavery involving Nigerians smuggled to the UK.On Monday, Burna Boy posted a shirtless video of himself and the “16 shots” crooner getting cozy.