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Regardless of what type of audience a site caters to, some sites charge hundreds of dollars for monthly or yearly subscriptions, and offer little variety in potential candidates – mostly because seekers are drawn to the most known sites, thinking that this will be their best chance. None of these sites guarantee finding someone, either.

You could waste a lot of time and money (uh, just on signing up alone) investing in some sites, and there is no promise, no money back, no promise, guidance or commitment from the site to help you get what you really want.

Probably a solid 95% of online dating sites are scams. If you’ve ever been the victim of an online scam, then you know what a pain in the ass it is, not to mention the embarrassment.

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Rather, one has a limited credit line that may be utilized for purchases and other transactions. The greatest risk is personal identity theft, which is when an individual can take your credit card number and use it for their own purposes.

You need to make sure your site is secure before entering any credit information.

There are enough sites out there that you probably don’t need to pay for anything at all, but for more serious seekers, paid sites may hook you up with other, more serious searchers. Some sites have long, drawn out surveys that will match you with the very best candidates.

This can be a frustrating process for someone just looking for a hook up – and who could blame them?

"There are several email sites that you can use for free. It is important to make sure the site is free before signing up. The best place to look when considering taking out a new credit card is a price comparison site such as Money Supermarket.

From here you can see which credit card meet your needs. Many places have their own credit cards or loans, because they get profits for signing customers up.

You shouldn’t pay to get a service that you don’t receive.

And you shouldn’t be paying for a site that doesn’t cater to your individual needs.

Coincidentally after including our credit card details on their website our credit card was billed with transactions we had never authorized and we had to cancel our credit card. An example of a comparison site is credit card comparison sites.

you enter in all your information (name, birthdate, address, SS) and based on your credit score they are able to come up with and compare the best credit card… You apply for it like you do any other credit card, receive your limit, then spend.

One can find the card's site online or locate a paper application and apply through the mail.