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Masturbation also has a way of opening the door to more sexual immorality.Our motives may begin innocently, perhaps trying not to lust or imagine a person or scene, but sexual stimulation can cloud our minds and make it very easy to pop in an old mental video or fantasy that is far from pure.He would challenge us to try masturbating without lust.

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Masturbation affects our sense of being godly men, making us more passive.

It brings guilt and shame and makes us feel distant from God. You’re most likely to masturbate a day or two after you just did it.

We’re not saying that the issue isn’t important for us, or to God, but that our consciences are out of alignment with the truth of Scripture on the magnitude of this sin.

A godly man who taught me as a young Christian used to say to our men’s small group Bible study that while the Bible doesn’t mention masturbation, it clearly states that lust is a sin.

Some would say that it’s simply subsumed in the biblical discussions on sexual immorality, or implied in what it means to be sexually pure.

Others would take Scripture’s silence to mean that masturbation is not always a sin if exercised within certain parameters.Most powerfully, Willingham claims that masturbation cultivates poor emotional management.When we are bored, anxious or lonely, it is ill advised to reinforce a habit of sexual gratification as a coping mechanism.Oh, the passion and zeal we could have in our lives if we wouldn’t make these trade-offs! So ugly, in fact, that when the Bible prohibits it, we immediately vow to stop, even though we have no idea what the heck it is.In later lessons, we’ll get into further steps to fight temptation, but for now, I’ll give a couple of helpful tactics you might employ in your battle to weed masturbation out of your life. It means excessive living: overeating, over- drinking, over exercising, oversleeping, “over-TVing” (new word), etc.I honestly wish I felt as bad about, say, lying, envy or murder.