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To liberal and progressive Jewry, my relationship is still sometimes seen as “exotic,” with people making comments like, “Wow, good for you! ” Even in Reform spaces, where there are dedicated programs for interfaith couples, I’m not exempt from the cringeworthy commentary (especially from older members of the congregation). I’ve gotten to the point where they make me feel weird for a minute, but I’m able to brush it off pretty fast.

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What's the easiest way I can go about telling my mother about my girlfriend without giving her a complete heart attack?

I hope you have heard of the movie "Mission: Impossible," because you are now starring in Tom Cruise's role.

This clears up a mystery I have wondered about for years. When Mom & Dad was "very Jewish" although my Dad was born to a non-Jewish Family. Even though her father is a famous French Jew and she's related to Alfred Dreyfus..she's not Jewish because that's what she says!!!

In Portland, Oregon, where I live tomatoes are only good in the summer. But when I go to NYC (my mother was from Brooklyn), the tomatoes are always red and good. My parents lived in a Jewish neighborhood in England and all his friends were Jewish. When they went to a local Rabbi in Manchester, England they would not convert him. FROM JEW or NOT JEW: We figured out that your mother is not Jewish. We were gonna give you the benefit of the doubt, Miss Louis-Dreyfus.

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Oath will also provide relevant ads to you on our partners' products.Our biggest clashes are less about religion and heritage and more about my addiction to Netflix telenovelas.At the end of the day, for me it’s not an “interfaith relationship.” It’s just a relationship.But you should also consider dating and marrying a Jewish woman because it greatly increases the chances of a successful marriage and relationship.I however have kept her a "secret" from my very Jewish mother, and my girlfriend is now getting on me to tell my mom about her and even let her meet my mother.Having a non-Jewish partner doesn’t mean not sharing values.