Not slimserver updating

However,1 Access to 'squeezenetwork' is denied and I have problems using internet radio with Alian BBC no longer operating and signing up to iplayer a problem Logitech have taken over slimserver and there are several 7.x.x versions available from Logitech. I have been told by some that Logitech 7.x.x versions should be available to the QNAPS.Others have said that my TS 109 is too old to take the latest server software.2.There are a few issues with this release, but I lived with it, until I discovered that LMS 9.x can play DSD files, using a DSDPlayer plugin that adds Do P (DSD over PCM) support.

So can I update the software on the QNAPS or is 6.5.4 as far as I can get on a TS-109 ?

Hope you can help, RBGLike you I have a QNAP TS-109 feeding Slimserver to a Squeezebox 3 and a Boom.

Now 7.9 is 'official' and Andrew supplied an updated Vortexbox 2.4 LMS repo I would like to switch back.

When I enter dnf clean all; dnf update, the latest nightly LMS wants to revert/update back to the Squeeze Community LMS version (which dates back to october 2016).

I downloaded LMS 7.7.1 from the link given in these forums viewtopic.php?

f=123&t=35740 (selecting the arm based 109,209 & 409 series.)Doug.You enable beta versions in the Package Center and it will offer to update. And yes, I use Edge, in part to keep in touch with what it is like, in part because I’m resistant to a Google Chrome monoculture, and in part because it’s pretty good now (the initial Edge release was hardly usable). Update: I fixed the settings issue by installing the latest LMS 9.0 with this patch. I installed, then added DSDPlayer and, hmm, I could see the DSD files but they did not play. A user has updated the plugin, and if you add the following plugin repository: can update DSDPlayer and it works. I stopped Slimserver then uninstalled it with SSOTS.Then I removed SSOTS and updated the TS-109 to the latest firmware.DSD is the format used by SACD and some audiophiles swear it sounds better than PCM.