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One of the most arduous jobs an IT professional has to undertake is patching.But Zenworks keeps this chore to a minimum of hassle by incorporating Patchlink's excellent patch management software. In our tests we managed to get really accurate details of the Linux servers on our test network as well as a couple of Windows server boxes of various ages.The licensing system of the Open VPN Access Server product has been updated to add support for new features and to enhance security.

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On top of that we are improving the security of the licensing system while we are at it.This requires that Access Server is updated as well. If you continue using your current Open VPN Access Server as it is without either upgrading or applying the licensing patch, it will function normally and the license keys that are on it right now will continue working just fine, even after January 20th (assuming your license keys do not expire before then of course).However, when you try to activate new license keys on an old or unpatched Access Server after that date, or renew license keys for this server and try to activate a renewal key on the server, it will produce an error message. You may upgrade your Access Server at any time before or after January 20th.To resolve this, either upgrade your Access Server to the latest version, or apply the live licensing patch. If you do it before that time, you will not have to worry about any possible licensing problems.Alternatively, if you do not wish to upgrade now, you may use our licensing patch to update only the licensing code on an existing Access Server.

The patch is designed so it can be applied live without shutting down or cold restarting the Access Server service, so VPN clients don't need to be disconnected, and it is compatible with Access Server 1.8.3 and above.These are billed through Amazon AWS directly and use a different licensing system that does not need this update.You should upgrade your Access Server to the latest version available on our software packages page, which includes the changes to the licensing system.This package consists of a whole plethora of management goodies covering just about everything from servers and desktops right down to laptops and handheld devices.The latest iteration of the product boasts improved hardware and software inventory control, system imaging, remote control and automated policy management.Please review the information below to learn what impact this has, and how to take the necessary steps.