Oasisdatingsite net

For the premium paid pack the cost is .50 and .09.But those aren’t really the tokens; that is just the paid pack to be on the site.Well, right now Oasis has three levels of membership – free (with tokens), silver and gold.

Besides, earning those tokens isn’t easy and straightforward.Flirts – which are essentially the same as ‘winks’ – are still free to send but as far as we understood they too will disappear from new Oasis and will be replaced by Secret Flirt, which means both parties have to send each other the Secret Flirt before they are notified of each other’s interest.Which is especially concerning considering that this is a paid site. They do the “free to join” dance but when it comes down to it, it is a token driven site and these tokens come in different tiers and with expiration dates.A Basic paid pack of tokens can cost you .03 a month or .04 for 3 months.Then you notice that over half the page is taken up with sign up information and questions about what you are looking for – nothing heavy, just gender and location but this type of template web design for a dating site is fast becoming associated with scam sites.

Real dating sites put the features first so you have an idea of how you can use the site to access all the wonderful people it is going to let you talk to.It doesn’t even have the decency to be a veiled escort site, it is just a really badly done attempt to make money off of people’s loneliness.There is always the small chance that you could be there at just the right time to meet the right person who also joined by mistake – but don’t bet your money on it.You get some tokens but considering it costs 500 tokens to see who has looked at your profile and a 1,000 to get search priority – you can go through your account quickly.Oasis Dating is your run of the mill template dating website.It has no real demographic reach but us relying on the keyword “oasis” to get traffic to the site.