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We play it all the time." 'In a similar attempt not to have to make a decision, Bridges has purposefully allowed his body to fluctuate over the course of his career.

In Against All Odds (1984) and, eight years later, American Heart, he was absolutely rock hard.

He recalls becoming increasingly panicky as he researched the role of a plane crash survivor in Fearless, but 'thankfully, once filming was done, I slipped right back into denial'.Bridges is a near-seamless synthesis of the two Homers: the poet and the Simpson.She was waitressing to pay for college and he was filming Rancho Deluxe when he met her in a Montana diner.She had two black eyes and a broken nose - the result of a car crash - but he fell in love at first sight.In his teens he wanted to be a musician and he has begun to dabble again.

After the big LA earthquake in 1994, he moved his family to Santa Barbara and, finding himself surrounded by musicians, set up a recording studio in his garage.

But he's a character actor who, from his 1971 debut as a disaffected Texas teen in The Last Picture Show, was handsome enough to slip in and out of romantic leads at will.

With his star on the rise throughout the Seventies, he excelled at playing fatalistic boy-men, culminating in his turn as an alien fallen to earth in Starman.

And I imagined a government inside myself, made up of many different voices, conservative issues and liberal issues, all trying to lobby to get me going that same way.

It's an extension of the individual.'So hard is it for him to decide about anything that he still isn't quite sure he is supposed to be an actor.

He is wearing a cowboy hat and a sheepskin jacket and you can see his face just crumpling.