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I believe this can become a problem in a person’s life if they chose to let it.

I turn off my cell phone ringer at night because I don’t want a text message to wake me up.

Personally, I think there is nothing wrong with throwing something on your head when you don’t feel like showing your hair, or you begin to crave some straight hair for a bit.

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When I go out to dinner I see kids glued to their cell phones instead of having a real face-to-face conversation.I think this takes a toll on people and their social skills with other people because they can had behind the computer on a cell phone.That way I can know what I did well, what I sucked at and what the future holds haha.Phil is a nice guy, a little insecure and a little nervous.Lucky the parrots and all the other animals that were infected with the desease where eventually killed and then the Hygienic Lab was granted a new name: The National Institute of Health.

Let me start this by saying going out and dating was the best thing for me right now.

I don't like to do teasers anymore, but I also felt that you all deserved to know that I am working hard to bring you the answers that you all have been clamoring for.

I wish I could tell you what, and I wish I could tell you when, but right now even I don't know too much of value.(Update: I changed my headline because I wrote it from memory and totally butchered it, and could not stand to see it just sit there mocking me.

There are cell phones that have gps, facebook apps, and almost every other thing you could think of.

I see people texting and driving on a regular basis.

Today I took the first step toward unraveling a puzzle that has plagued my mind for many, many months.