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This led to her getting some pretty serious media attention early-on in the game.She has been featured in some of the most well-known men’s magazines, has done numerous TV appearances, has been featured in major newspapers, and has even done some radio spots. It was titled I will admit that I was a bit skeptical of Kezia Noble at first. I found myself wondering if this was all for show, and if she was using her good looks to lure men into a dating-coach system that didn’t actually produce the kinds of results that they claimed to produce. Not only does Kezia Noble seem to be very knowledgeable, but she also seems to be one of the true industry-leaders in her market. As it turns out, her good looks are just an added bonus!

But as she began working with them, she said that she was amazed at the lack of female coaches. She said that she decided to give men the 100% honest truth about women and dating, whether or not other women approved of her ‘giving up their secrets.’She started giving men brutally honest feedback on their performances from the female perspective…

and it turned out to be the magic ingredient that the community had been lacking.

If you are a man looking to woo beautiful women around you, the hottest thing about Kezia Noble is definitely her brain! In researching Kezia Noble and trying to figure out what other experts think of her, it quickly became apparent to me that she is actually dating coach on the planet.

I watched a You Tube video of a guy who took one of her courses below.

Essentially, she entered the pick-up community back in 2006… She said that she was one of those people who believed that chemistry was either there, or it wasn’t.

But she has since changed her mind, and proven this belief quite wrong!I especially liked the episode about The Modern Alpha Male.This episode featured two different members of her team who used vastly different approaches to achieve the same thing. but one of them was the ‘good guy’ type, while the other was the ‘bad boy’ type.and that was really the ‘booster’ that set her career in motion.As time went on, and as she became a more important and successful coach in the scene, she quit her other gigs and started focusing completely on being a pickup coach as her full-time job.You can find her videos all over You Tube, and she has written several books Let’s start at the beginning.