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Yay it’s Friday and that means it is time for Prick of the Week. I cannot stand people who do not have good manners and in that I include how you treat waitstaff or people that you think have menial jobs. Being rude because you think you are better than someone else is completely unacceptable. He was sweet in the pre-meeting communication and I of course was my usual charming self. But I was feeling in a gambling-type mood because let’s face it, online dating is basically gambling and you do it until you lose all your money (i.e. I’d say he grew up in a barn but that’s insulting to the barn animals. You always meet for drinks or coffee first so you can get the hell out if the person turns out to be a dickhead.OK I’m already cringing a bit on the inside but maybe he’s just a freak about where he sits so I let it go. She was youngish, maybe 20, but definitely experienced and even if it was her first day, you just cannot be an asshole. No Manners orders a nice bottle of red wine and when the waitress brings it he spends a few minutes being one of those dicks who thinks he knows something about wine by sniffing and sipping and swirling and then he tells the waitress that the wine isn’t quite right and she opened it wrong so there were a few specks of cork in it and he will need another bottle and it should be comped.

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Nobody’s doing it right so I think we’re all in trial mode haha Exactly.

I personally use it as more of a form of entertainment.

When he asked at the end of the night if he could see me again, I used my standard line “I’d rather put out a campfire with my face.” If you treat people in the service industry like that, you’re obviously a privileged asshole and I’m, well, not into assholes.

I also told him for someone with such appalling table manners, he really shouldn’t be acting all snooty-ass superior. Fuck yeah I’m a bitch when you’re being an asshole! Remember that people who work in the service industry are people.

I let him leave first and then I went back into the restaurant and told the waitress I was sorry about him. Of course if service is terrible then you get a say in that but don’t have to be an asshole just to show you’re better than someone because all it shows is that you’re a dick.

I have the best date lined up for tonight: movies with my kid.

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No Manners on the head or chug it until I’m blotto so I don’t have to listen to Mr. The waitress did an outstanding job of not saying “Shut the fuck up you egomaniacal prick” and if she had, I would have kissed her and left the biggest tip ever. No Manners is satisfied with the second bottle of wine and then he actually says to me “You have to be firm with these people or they will cheat you.” WHHHAATTTTT????

Are “these people” anyone who works because then that includes all of us.

Like I met a nice guy from e Harmony because his profile info seemed pretty basic but turns ou he was WAY more into the sports and “social drinking” than what he said online.