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" He glanced at Sande and then back at me and said without hesitating, "Kevin, before you do anything, paid off.

Opposites not only attract, they are usually good for one another in a marriage setting.

Psychologists have done studies that prove this theory.

But the point is that there are ) First Born Plus First Born Equals Power Struggle As we've already seen with George and Shirley, when two perfectionistic first borns get together, there is a bumping of heads (i.e., a power struggle).

The issues usually focus on perfectionism and who has control.

Here are some tips for first-born/last-born couples: and founder of Focus on the Family. Dobson is scholarly, organized, conscientious, and reliable.

So one day while Sande and I were having lunch with him, I asked, "Jim, if there was one bit of advice you could give me, what would it be?I started out being fortunate to be the last-born brother of my first-born sister, Sally.Eight years older than I, she mothered me quite a bit and taught me a lot about women.This went on through the early years of our marriage. In no time the apartment became covered with my piles.One day, while I was working on my doctorate, Sande heard me expostulating on how to discipline children and hold them accountable for their actions. Then came the day when I could not open the door because Sande had shoved a giant stack of my clothes against it to make room for whatever she was doing. Sande and I had a long overdue talk and shared our feelings.Of course in my case, I certainly didn't come into our marriage a finished product.