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Fun loving 5'4" Kathy is dating 5'2" biker Brian and her folks hate it, so they arrange two blind dates for her. On their date they go to the beach and work on their surfing skills.Irish boy Patrick is mom's pick and he takes Kathy to a black light putt putt course.

Mom and dad have set up two blind dates in hopes that that changes.Mom's pick Xavier is a dancer and takes Aileen to a studio where he teaches her a few moves, shows off his 8 pack abs and makes his pitch.Instead they set her up on blind dates with Elliot and Tim who takes her on a food shopping and to a batting cage.Mom and dad aren't thrilled with the fact that sweet and outgoing, Cathy is dating her short, biker boyfriend, Brian for seven months.By now, it’s all we can do not to roll our eyes along with De Luca anytime Mer gives the time of day to romantic rival Link (on whom the jury remains out).

Levi and Nico’s Romance: The series’ first gay male relationship has been an out-of-the-gate smash, thanks in small part to Alex Landi’s eye-popping abs and in large part to the adorkable sincerity that Jake Borelli has brought to Schmitt’s sexual awakening. Whether Nico was refusing to be Glasses’ “gay Sherpa” or Levi was questioning whether Grey Sloan was really a teaching hospital, the couple prescribed a healthy dose of what is said to be the best medicine.Cheerleader Clarissa is dating Jensen, a multi-pierced goth drummer.Dad's girlfriend Linda picks Tyler a college wrestler on scholarship from Idaho who takes Clarissa to the gym and shows her some throws before making her a salad lunch.Richard’s Downward Spiral: Taking the slow-but-steadily-worsening approach to Webber’s grief over the loss of his friend and AA sponsor Ollie has paid off beautifully, both for the show and James Pickens Jr. ” — written by showrunner Krista Vernoff — arguably provided the actor with one the most powerful and moving showcases he’s gotten to play in ages.Omelia: The Sequel: We’re not sure the former marrieds’ suddenly-full house even the monkey wrench of Teddy’s pregnancy thrown into it.The good news: We’ve put more in the first column than the second.