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Since co-worker dating is frowned up, she provides group "coaching" sessions that teach employees how to keep their dating activities outside of the office. ) If your son, daughter, best friend, mom, or dad has been complaining that all the good ones are taken and has become frustrated with the dating scene, then this is the perfect gift for them.

Somewhere your parents can still check him out but won’t make him feel on trial.“Consider a larger family BBQ or something where your boyfriend can blend in a little bit, while still getting in some quality time,” advises Bogle. Many girls introduce their boyfriends to their parents at dinner.He’ll feel the pressure as soon as he shakes your dad’s hand!Prep the BF: Just like you informed your parents about your boyfriend, do the same for him.HC knows you’re smart enough not to share a bed with him if your parents aren’t cool with it, but if they give rules like a curfew, listen to them and come home on time.

If you decide to break your parents’ rules, guess who they’ll banish from your house…your boyfriend.

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To learn the how-to's of dating, Feinstein offers coaching (in person, by phone, or over the internet.) In addition to these personalized services, she holds fun and interactive dating seminars.

Learn more about Patti Feinstein, America¡¦s Dating Coach by visiting her website: e-mail her at [email protected]

Patti Feinstein offers a coaching service based on her experience of introducing and coaching numerous clients in the dating industry.

Tell him about your parents and what their personalities are like, their quirks and hobbies.