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Abraham was justified in God's eyes by faith in Genesis 15:6, without works. Please read, THE INCOMPATIBILITY OF THE LORDSHIP SALVATION GOSPEL WITH THE GOSPEL OF GRACE.

What you need to know is that salvation is by faith, and faith alone in Jesus Christ.

On a note of compassion and praise, I believe Paul Washer is one of the most sincere people in the world. When Paul could barely walk due to his medical disability, he still journeyed through South America as a missionary professing his religious beliefs.

I was born with a genetic malformation, and yes, I do have a lot of metal in me. I have had a total hip replacement in both hips, my left wrist has been broken three times, has been operated on twice, and is held together with a special pin.

It made it very difficult to concentrate, sleep, and trek up the Andes Mountains.

The difficulty with chronic pain like that is not just the actual pain, but the weakness and overall nausea that comes with it.

That's not a gift, because you have to DO SOMETHING to merit it.

James -21 speaks of justification in the eyes of men, not God.Do not make the mistake then of thinking that the Gospel is a call to duty or a call to reformation, a call to better your condition, to behave yourself in a more perfect way than you have been doing in the past Nor is the Gospel a demand that you give up the world, that you give up your sins, that you break off bad habits, and try to cultivate good ones.You may do all these things, and yet never believe the Gospel and consequently never be saved at all.Yet, the Bible is filled with believers who sinned horribly; such as, Noah, Lot, Jacob, Judah, Samson, David, Solomon, Jonah, Peter, Ananias and Sapphira and the carnal church at Corinth. The Gospel is not a call to repentance, or to amendment of our ways, to make restitution for past sins, or to promise to do better in the future.Please read the best explanation I've ever read concerning the Gospel and repentance, by Pastor Harry A. Clearly, Ironside taught a Free Grace view of the Gospel. These things are proper in their place, but they do not constitute the Gospel; for the Gospel is not good advice to be obeyed, it is good news to be believed.Kindly, Evangelist Paul David Washer is a religious false prophet, a member of the apostate Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), who teaches Lordship Salvation. Washer brainwashes a group of 5,000 youths to believe that they cannot be saved unless they stop living in sin.